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Edition 5 note, 2021 update

The previous version of ArchAtlas included a search facility for archaeological sites which allowed the user to enter a site name and find latitude and longitude values. This is no longer the best way to share site coordinates, especially without relying on an insecure database backend. The feature has been therefore been retired for the long-term-archive version of the website.

Database sources

A brief list of sources used to generate site locations during the creation of ArchAtlas is provided here for future reference. The data from these sources may have been superceded by more up-to-date location information.

  • Bray’s Afghanistan
  • Roaf’s Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia
  • British Museum South Asian Gazeteer
  • Anatolian Super Sites
  • Levi’s Greek World
  • Baines & Malek’s Egypt
  • Neo-Assyrian atlas
  • Shennan’s Neolithic Europe
  • Ciolek’s Old World TRADing centres
  • TAY project’s paper co-ordinates
  • Cornell’s Roman World
  • Ancient World Mapping Centre
  • Blue’s Bronze Age harbours